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    Shantou Dachuan Machines CO.,LTD. specializes in manufacturing packing machineries and serves as the leader in the packer machinery market in China now. Many elites with high ability gather at the company with us to research, produce and sell various packing machineries.

    The company adopts domestic & foreign advanced technique to produce more than 20 kinds of products which are suitable for many well-known foreign electric appliances. The products are sold well in domestic and foreign markets and are fully creditable to the customers. The products can be used in the industry of food, cool drink, washing& chemical, articles of daily use, medicine and agricultural chemicals, etc.

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    Copyright Shantou Dachuan Machines CO.,LTD. Address: Fuxi Industrial Area, Huashan North Road, Shantou

    TEL: +86-754-88109233/88107933 MOB: 13076300016 13802715381 E-MAIL: liwen@gd-dachuan.com

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